Wednesday, June 13, 2018

After a Contest Win

As mentioned in the April 18, 2018 blog post “When Contests Work,” Member Joyce B. Hicks’ recent novel, One More Foxtrot, placed first in the Books & Creative Writing category for the Woman’s Press Club of Indiana’s annual contest. As a state winner, the book qualified to go on to the national level. We are proud to announce that it won at that level, too. One More Foxtrot placed first in the Fiction for Adult Readers: Novel category at the National Federation of Press Women’s 2018 National Communications Contest. Congratulations, Joyce!

But this blog post isn’t about Joyce in particular—it’s about any writer who wins a contest. What comes next? What good is a contest win? Yes, it can make a writer feel good about himself or herself. And sometimes a win comes with money or subsequent publication. But the biggest advantage to a contest win is in the promotional opportunities. 

So what should you do after you win a contest? If the award is for a book that is already out or soon will be, mention it on the book cover and in the description posted on Amazon and other book sites. Do the same with any good review. Don’t let them just sit when they can be working for you. And whether the piece is published or unpublished, mention it in your submission letters to publishers and agents. 

Now go out and make the most of that contest win.

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