Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gift Shopping for Children

As the holiday season draws near, most of us are looking for gift ideas. The bookroom at the 2015 Steel Pen Creative Writers Conference was loaded with them. Here are some of the children’s books that were for sale and can still be purchased in time for the holidays.
DISCLAIMER: We haven’t read all of the books on this list, and their inclusion is not a recommendation. Still, we believe in supporting writers and publishers who support us. Check these books out at the links provided, and if they look interesting, consider adding them to your gift list.
The Cabooseman’s Garden by Karen Kulinski, illustrated by Eileen De Sando. Early chapter book.
The Dog and the Dolphin by James B. Dworkin, illustrated by Michael Chelich. Picture book.
Journey to Jazzland by Gia Voltenra de Saulnier, illustrated by Emily Zieroth, published by Flying Turtle Publishers.!/Journey-to-jazzland/p/50669190/category=13459067
A Magic Hour Family Christmas: Stories, Poems, and More, by members of The Magic Hour Writers. Published by Flying Turtle Publishers.!/A-Magic-Hour-Family-Christmas/p/55002145/category=13459066
Ryme Tyme For Growing Minds by Yusuf Ali El. Poetry.
Happy shopping.

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