Monday, May 4, 2015

Call for Classic Writing Advice

IWC’s July blog posts will call on past masters of the writing art for their advice. We are looking for 200-800 word passages from well-known (and preferably long-dead) writers. If you submit a passage and we use it, you will receive a very generous payment: the blog post will acknowledge that you submitted it. Oh well. It isn’t all about the money.

Please submit your suggestions, with full text, to by May 31, 2015, and put "Classic Writing Advice" in the re line. The first publication date should be before 1923 for copyright reasons, and original source information must be included. This does not mean reference to BrainyQuote or some other website.

There are other instances where the material may be in the public domain, but the rules for material published in or after 1923 become more complex. If you want to submit material that was not published before 1923, please provide the original publication date, the date of the author’s death, and a description of the source (including length). This information will help our copyright advisor determine whether the material is in the public domain or publishing the quote would be a fair use. 

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