Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eat & Exchange is Back

Catherine Vlahos
While it may not seem like it with the massive amounts of snow NWI has received recently, spring is closer than we think—which means our third year of the IWC’s Eat & Exchange series is approaching! Seek shelter from the most likely rainy weather and join us in the warmth of our local Lake and Porter County cafés, sip a hot latte or two, and enjoy discussions facilitated by our own IWC members focusing on writing topics you care about—publishing tips, demystifying research, modern marketing, and more.
The series runs from March through May at the following times and venues:
Blackbird Café—Valparaiso, IN
March 7th, 11am
Grindhouse Café—Griffith, IN
March 18th, 6pm
Red Cup Café & Deli—Chesterton, IN
 April 11th, 11am
Grindhouse Café—Griffith, IN
April 29th, 6pm
Blackbird Café—Valparaiso, IN
May 13th, 6pm
Sip Coffeehouse—Crown Point, IN
May 30th, 11am
We already have facilitators lined up for some interesting sessions. Tiffany Cole will compare creative marketing strategies for both authors themselves and the stories they write. Kathryn Page Camp will discuss the research process for creative writing, from how much is enough to where to look for the best facts. Joyce Hicks is scheduled to reveal the best sources to seek out for publishing short fiction, and Michael Poore will outline the often daunting novel-writing process.
While our facilitators certainly have knowledge to share with attendees, don’t forget about the “exchange” part of our series! We are hoping to bring together the collective brainstorming force of everyone involved with Eat & Exchanges—whether this be in the form of personal experience, your own research on the topic, or anything else in between—to ultimately have a good discussion. All are welcome to share ideas of their own, so there won’t be any falling asleep during long, one-sided presentations!
While the first Eat & Exchange is almost a month away, it’s never too early to start the countdown. We hope to see you there!

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