Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eat & Exchange Series: Spring 2014 Schedule

The first Eat & Exchange session of 2014 was a big hit. Held at Sip Coffee House in Crown Point, the session was well-attended and thought-provoking. IWC President Janine Harrison facilitated the discussion on “Kit and Kaboodle of Creative Nonfiction: Truth, Investigation, Tense, and Trends.”

If you missed the first session, there are five more to come during March, April, and May. All sessions are open to the public. The schedule follows, and be sure to join us when you can.


Wednesday March 19th at 6 PM, Grindhouse Café, 146 N. Broad St., Griffith, IN

"Where Do You Get Your Ideas?" -- the Question We Love to Hate

Facilitator:  Michael Poore

Supposedly, this is the question all writers despise...or DO we? Just this once, because the moon is in the seventh house and Venus has aligned with Mars, it will be okay to ask. And to tell. 


Saturday, April 5th, at 11 AM, Red Cup Café, 115 Broadway, Chesterton, IN

A Walk in the Woods:  Nature, Exercise and Writing

Facilitator:  Gordon Stamper, Jr.

Throughout the history of letters, nature and long walks have inspired our great writers, from Wordsworth and Dickens to Frost, Joyce, Woolf, and recent award winning poet Harryette Mullen (Urban Tumbleweed:  Notes from a Tanka Diary).   Moderator Gordon Stamper, Jr. will lead a discussion of how exercise and nature have been and can be wellsprings of inspiration.

Wednesday, April 16th, at 6 PM, Sip Coffee House, 11 North Ct., Crown Point, IN

Outside Your Demographic: Creating Characters with an Authentic Voice

Facilitator:  Julie Larson

This discussion will focus on writing race and  thoughts on writing beyond one’s own ethnicity. Is writing characters of another race a matter of imagination, as some writers claim, or forbidden? Discussion about regional dialect and vernacular, along with what expert linguists have to say, will be highlighted. Examples in prose and poetry will be provided. 


Saturday, May 3rd, at 11 AM, Grindhouse Café, 146 N. Broad St., Griffith, IN

Self-Publishing with a Professional Flair

Facilitator:  Kathryn Page Camp

Many self-published books are riddled with typos, inconsistencies, and just plain bad writing. How do you keep yours from being judged guilty by association? This roundtable discussion will focus on ways to show readers, libraries, and bookstores that your self-published book is professional quality and worthy of their time and money.

Wednesday, May 14th, at 6 PM, Red Cup Café, 115 Broadway, Chesterton, IN
“Yes I'm a Damsel. Yes I'm In Distress. I can handle this.":  Avoiding generic female characters in genre fiction

Facilitator:  Kayla Greenwell
Although there are a few great female genre fiction writers, like Margaret Atwood and Ursula LeGuin, fantasy and science fiction writing is still a "man's world." As a result, many female characters in these genres are static at best.  In this workshop we will be discussing how to avoid weak, stereotypical female characters in genre fiction writing.  We will discuss archetypes and character building within a genre fiction frame.

All discussion sessions are open to the public.

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